Canine Sport Detection - Nosework

Come join us for a fun new sport gaining popularity in Manitoba...Sport Detection/Nosework.

This sport is based on scent detection used by police and military to find narcotics and explosives but we use legal scents.

In the six week sessions your dog will learn to search for and indicate a specific scent. All dogs are welcome from purebred to mixed breeds, young and old, any dog can do it!

6 week sessions are limited to a maximum of 5 dogs per class.

For more information or to register e-mail Diane at

To learn more about the sport of Sport Detection - Nosework please visit the The Sporting Detection Dogs Association website.

Canine Instructional Academy

Canine Instructional Academy offers Dog obedience classes at SDDC on Tuesdays.

" Beginners is our first 6 week class and includes puppies and young dogs. Focus on attention and socialization are introduced. Basic obedience exercises such as sit, down, stay, come when called and how to walk on a leash are taught. These basic exercises teach the dogs to be well mannered pets that are welcome in the community. "

"Novice is for the graduates of the Beginners class. This class reinforces and polishes the exercises taught in the Beginners class. Novice class is designed to build on enthusiasm and drive in both the dog and the handler. Focusing on attention continues as well as the recall, sit and down stays, figure 8, stand for examination and heeling on and off leash."

For more information regarding CIA, Class times and how to register please visit

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